Saturday, July 9, 2011

Russian Spies / Occult Enemies - Against Me! (Review)

Against Me! have just released a new single a couple of weeks ago. It consists of "Russian Spies" and "Occult Enemies" Both of these songs sound so much cooler than the majority of the tracks on White Crosses. I don't know if you'd say return to form, but this is a start. The fact that they left the major label and started their own doesn't hurt either.

The first song, "Russian Spies" is more reminiscent of White Crosses than the "Occult Enemies". It sounds like a slightly heavier and more heartfelt Whte Crosses song. It sounds like the song is about forgetting about enemies like russian spies, and moving on to somethng bigger and more modern. I believe he is pointing fingers at terrorism. It is a pretty rocking song.

The other track on the album is "Occult Enemies". This song is sounds a lot more like their older stuff than White Crosses. It is very up-beat. And this song shows how Jay Weinberg can rock the drums. His skills really are shown off in this song. Jay Weinberg's drumming skills almost make me forget about Warren Oakes...almost. The song has quickly became one of my favorite Against Me! songs.

Music : 7 (a step in the right direction)
Lyrics : 8 (Tom Gabel rarely dissapoints with his lyrics)
Artwork : 7 (The cover art is nice)

Overall : 7

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