Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weezer (The Blue Album) - Weezer (Review)

Weezer's debut album is one of the greatest records of the nineties. It was a self-titled album (Fans called it “The Blue Album”). The cover artwork was a blue background with the four band members picture on it. It was that simple. This album holds three HUGE singles, and Weezer was already a household name. What stood out about Weezer was geeky, unique, and witty songs. From start to finish you get an amazing masterpiece that you have heard nothing like before.

It all starts with “My Name Is Jonas”. This does not really stand out for me much, but it is still absolutely fantastic. It starts with an acoustic riff and then rips into the crunchy distorted guitar Weezer is now known for. The half way mark is where I really start to dig the song. When it transitions from the chorus to the breakdown (“Workers are going home...”) is a very interesting time in the song. And then it breaks out into a really fast paced bridge. Good way to show people who you are by having this track one.

Next up is “No One Else”. This song is a pure straight-forward power-pop. You can hear this simplistic formula later used on songs like “Photograph”, “Don't Let Go”, “Ruling Me”, “Trippin' Down The Freeway” and many more songs. This song talks about River's selfishness and how he wants his girl to be only his. This is a very happy song. I am sure to be in a good mode after listening to songs like these.

After that comes “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”. This song is a fan favorite. It is certainly one of my favorites too. It is a very emotional song with some very heart wrenching lines (“I talked for hours to your wallet photograph...”), ( “I just made love with your sweet memory...”). The majority of the times I've listened to this song, I have gotten a tear roll down my face. It is definitely a highlight for me.

Now for the one and only “Buddy Holly”. This is one of Weezer's biggest hits. This song and it's video are what made Weezer what they are today and where they are today. This song does live up to all the hype. The guitar riff at the end of the guitar solo is one of my favorite parts of the album. This song's video was a huge factor for why it is so famous. It consists of Weezer playing in a diner taking place in the TV show “Happy Days”. It is a very neat video.

The next song is another big hit. The song is called “Undone – The Sweater Song”. This was the first Weezer song I have ever heard. This song is what got me into Weezer. When I first heard it, this was all I listened to. It is a very rocking song. What makes it even cooler is the fact that the outro is close to two minutes long. And every second of those two minutes are spectacular.

The song after that is “Surf Wax America”. This song is nothing amazing, but it still makes for a fun listen. This is probably the lowest point on the album. That just proves that this is a truly unbelievable album. This song's only strong point is at the breakdown. It's pretty cool.

“Say It Ain't So” is the next song. This song is brilliant. Everyone, casual fan or die hard fan, has to love this song. The verses of the song consist of clean upbeat reggae-style strumming guitar. It is too great of a song for words. When the chorus comes in at any point of the song, I always get the chills. Every moment of this song is genius and deserves every bit of hype it has gotten. I believe they even chose to put this on one of the guitar hero games. Good choice guitar hero!

“In The Garage” starts with an acoustic guitar and kicks in very similar to the way we heard on “My Name Is Jonas”. This, in my opinion, is a much better song though. This has a more interesting solo than “Jonas” does. The lyrics also are what hit me. This song really expresses the bands nerdy way of life, with lines that have to do with X-Men and Dungeons. This is a very personal and unique song.

And now comes “Holiday”. This song keeps the album's spirit alive with a high energy fun three and a half minutes. I really enjoy this songs lead guitar parts. It is very melodic. When it breaks into the chorus, it is more of a darker melody. You see this “darker' mood espicially when it shreds into the breakdown. It is a very mellow breakdown, but builds into an epic transition to the happy melodic roots of the songs verses.

And to top it off, “Only In Dreams”. This is, In my opinion, the greatest song off of this album. It is such a touching and beautiful song that lasts a strong eight minutes. Over half of this song is taken up by an epic solo and build up. This is close to the greatest thing Rivers Cuomo has ever written. This is work of the the greatest man that ever lived (Pun Intended). It WILL give you chills everytime you listen. There is no better way to end an album than with this.

Overall, this is on the top of my list for my favorite albums. It's quirkiness and originality at the time made it an alternative essential. It is hard to believe that the same band that made this seemingly flawless album, also made an album like Raditude. This has been an album that stuck with me through many good and bad times, and I'm pretty sure it probably has stuck with you too. Be sure to check this out if you haven't already.

Highlights : The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Undone – The Sweater Song, Say It Ain't So, Only In Dreams

Music : 10 (Geek Rock brilliance)
Lyrics : 10 (From seriousness to witty nerdy lyrics. Genius)
Artwork : 7 (Simple and cool. Fits perfectly)

Overall : 10

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